ReGrow | Visible results in 7 days!

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ReGrow | Visible results in 7 days!

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That way you never have to be insecure about your hair again and shine every day!

Conventional shampoos often fall short, are full of harsh chemicals that don't address the cause and can damage your scalp over time. But fear not, because ReGrow™ is here to save you. 

Our unique formula penetrates deep into your scalp, boosting hair root productivity and promoting new growth. Say goodbye to hair loss and welcome your full, vibrant mane.

Get rid of bald spots and thicker, fuller hair without expensive surgery!

ReGrow uses the power of nature to provide an effective and natural solution to your hair growth problems. Our carefully blended blend of Ginger, Shea Butter, Camellia Oil and Aloe Vera works wonders in revitalising your hair!

These natural ingredients awaken your hair roots, nourish them and prolong your hair growth phases. Experience the magic as your hair regains its thickness and vitality.

A study in 2022 compared ReGrow Shampoo to a number of random hair growth shampoos you can get in any shop.

De resultaten waren schokkend.

Regrow promotes hair growth by 110% over others.


No painful and expensive surgery - Thinking of hair implants? Forget it! This shampoo bar works just as well, and maybe even better, naturally. you won't believe us Check the reviews below!

✔ Saving money - Are you paying so much for hair products that it hurts? Or are you considering expensive hair surgery? 1 piece of advice: try this shampoo bar first. It's the cheapest solution for healthy, natural hair growth!

✔ Stimulates hair (re)growth - The shampoo bar ensures healthy, longer and faster growth and regrowth to camouflage hair loss and prevent the creation of short, brittle strands or future damage.

✔ Long-lasting hydration and moisturisation - Keeps hair perfectly nourished, elastic and soft at all times and in all weather conditions.

✔ 100% natural ingredients - Ginger Extract - Promotes natural hair growth by improving blood flow to the scalp, stimulating and strengthening each hair follicle and root. Camellia Oil - Helps repair damaged hair and improves overall hair and scalp health. Aloe Vera - Acts as a thickening agent and is traditionally used to treat baldness and thinning hair.

What do our customers say?



Absolutely works for me! I have been struggling with my hair thinning and falling out and have tried a few things like hair serum, but without anything working successfully. Until I saw this product and decided to give it a try. I started seeing new growth very quickly and after 8 weeks it was already working! I love the products! Really helpful in growing hair and mine is fuller as a result of this product. Would recommend it to others!!!

- Nick H.


Answers to your questions:

  • Can ReGrow be used on all hair types?

    Yes, absolutely! ReGrow is suitable for all hair types. It works wonders on thinning hair, regardless of your hair texture or condition.

    How often should I use ReGrow for optimal results?

    For best results, we recommend using ReGrow at least three times a week. Consistency is key to achieving the desired results.

    Is ReGrow suitable for both men and women?

    Yes, ReGrow is designed for both men and women. Anyone can experience the transformative power of this shampoo in fighting hair loss and promoting new growth.

    Can I use ReGrow if I have a sensitive scalp?

    Yes, ReGrow is composed of gentle and natural ingredients suitable for sensitive scalps. However, we recommend performing a patch test before use to ensure compatibility.

    Is ReGrow safe to use on coloured or chemically treated hair?

    Yes, ReGrow is safe to use on coloured or chemically treated hair. The gentle formula helps nourish and strengthen hair strands and promotes overall hair health regardless of previous treatments.


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