ContourPro™| Perfect for any job!

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ContourPro™| Perfect for any job!

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Wonderfully versatile contouring tool. Enables perfect cutting, slicing or sawing of any shape

FLEXIBLE ADAPTATION - Isn't it tiring always struggling with irregular shapes and corners, especially when laying laminate or PVC flooring or fitting built-in furniture, for example? Precise contours can be a nightmare, but with this unique contouring tool, that's a thing of the past!

The ability to change the shape of the tool to your liking means you can create the perfect profile for any task. Simply adjust the tightness of the pencil holder and nut to achieve different shapes, perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

And to ensure your adjustments remain exact, there is a handy locking function that locks each adjustment in place, allowing you to maintain the utmost precision as you work. Forget frustration and endless adjustments, with this contour tool you will solve these problems and make every job easy!

HIGH QUALITY - Our product is made of high-quality aluminium alloy and the surface is treated with anodic oxidation. This not only extends the life of the product, but also ensures that it is durable and reliable. No more worries about wear and tear or replacement - this is a tool built to last.

COMPACT AND EASY TO USE - No more heavy or cumbersome tools; this contour tool is small and lightweight, and even fits directly into your pocket! The unique belt clip makes it easy to carry and store. Wherever your project takes you, this contour tool is always within reach.

WIDE APPLICATION - With more than 15 marking options, this tool is a real multitasker! Whether you are laying laminate, tiling, making built-in furniture or working on a hobby project, this contour tool makes your work easier. The four most commonly used applications at a glance:

Compass mode: For drawing perfect circles on any surface

Ruler mode: For drawing straight lines of any length

Contour mode: Follow the shape of any profile imaginable with perfect precision

Write mode: Easy to use for notes and markings

Save time and energy with this handy solution!

With this contour tool, you will never have to struggle with difficult corners or irregular shapes again.


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